About Us

The Karen Welfare Association (KWA) was founded on the 5th July 1995 and assists in the re-settlement of Internally Displaced Karen into the Western Australian Community. The KWA is providing services in relation to accomadation, settlement program, personal support program, multicultural Housing Advocacy, Cultural Training, Workshops and employment orientation for the new migrants.

Mission Statement

A better future brighter than tomorrow for local community.

Objectives of the Association

  • The Association shall be solely for Social Welfare and Supportive projects for the benefit of the Karen community in Australia, around the world and without
  • To work and collaborate with the Government, Non-Government Agencies and Religious Organizations in and around the region when/where aid is
  • To undertake and foster development of the Karen culture, literature and language.
  • To promote the image of the Karen community and foster mutual respect and collaborate with the other ethnic communities in Australia.
  • To assist other bona fide organizations by providing social welfare and assistance.
  • To provide assistance/aid for Education facilities for individuals and families in Refugee Camps, orphanages, aged care facilities and find sponsors for children to enable them to further their studies.
  • To provide aid to other Karen people and families in distress and/or affected by atrocities.
  • To provide Settlement assistance for new arrivals and migrants in Australia.
  • To Provide services to the community
    • Humanitarian and Social Settlement Services
    • Vocational Education and Training for the community
    • Job information and employment
    • Counseling services to the general community
    • Central contact for seekers of Karen Translators/Interpreters
    • Establish and build on Youth groups and empower recreational activities
    • General assistance and referral of other services and matters where required


Membership is open to all eligible Karen people including relatives through marriage, and not discounting anyone who is interested in the cause of the Karen people.